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Reverse Aging with Rejuran Healer + Laser

Take care of your skin starting from today.

Activate self-regenerating powers of your skin to repair and rejuvenate damaged, aging skin with Rejuran Healer - also known as the 'healer for skin'.

Used in combination with Pico Laser for 2x effectiveness, keep your skin young and healthy and beat early signs of aging.

No downtime, no hassle, no problem.

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Prevent Against Premature Skin Aging With Rejuran Healer

Sun exposure, stress and our weather conditions are leading causes of aging skin. It's important to take care of your skin's moisture barrier to avoid dehydration, loss of elasticity and premature aging.

Known as 婴儿针 or baby skin injections, Rejuran Healer is a revolutionary injectable treatment that prevent against wrinkles, aging skin and dry skin.

With PDRN as its main ingredient, the extracted salmon DNA has anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties that can help stimulate collagen to restore a youthful complexion.

Repairs damaged tissue
Improves skin texture & elasticity
Minimises pores & promotes deep skin hydration
Reduces fine lines & wrinkles

See visible improvements in your skin just 4 weeks after your very 1st treatment!

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Pico Laser

Why have one when you can have both?

With our latest laser technology from South Korea, get clearer and brighter skin with Pico Laser.

Effective for removing acne scars, stubborn pigmentation and large pores, Pico laser delivers laser energy at extreme speeds to fragment pigment particles without damaging your skin.

Not only will your skin achieve that flawless, Korean-celebrity look by brightening your skin, it helps your skin to heal acne scars, lighten pigmentation, sunspots and reduce pore size!

Achieve younger looking skin with Pico Laser - get permanent and lasting results in no time!

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Better Together.

The perfect pairing to help you achieve double the results.

Rejuran Healer + Laser is an incredibly safe 1 hour procedure. As one of the best-selling treatments at ClearSK, the combination treatment has gained many positive reviews and return customers.

Clinically proven to treat and heal, combining both treatments can help you to:

Gain optimal results for a brighter skin & even skin tone
Achieve better anti-aging & skin rejuvenation
Greatly improve skin elasticity, texture & volume
Reduce the appearance of acne scars, fine lines & wrinkles
Achieve age-reversal & youth-regenerating effects

Hit reset and achieve youthful, flawless skin with ClearSK's Rejuran combination treatment in Singapore.

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