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Our Journey

ClearSK has been an established brand in Singapore since 2008, offering a integrated suite of skincare, non-surgical and surgical cosmetic solutions in Singapore, Shanghai and Hangzhou.

Over the years, we became a superstore of aesthetics medical solutions for face, body and hair.

Our doctors have over 15 years of experience and performed up to 300,000 treatments. At ClearSK, you'll be guaranteed to get the best price for the best brands of treatments.

Our Mission

ClearSK Aesthetic Clinic operates under the medical division of ClearSK Group.

The Group’s mission is to educate as well as guide our clients in their pursuit of wellness and aesthetics. Offering more than 100 treatment options at the best price guaranteed, the doctors will design ONE combination therapy to address each customer’s concern, while catering to their skin & body types.

The Group has invested in business units operating independently under different management teams to offer a one-stop solution to all who seek our services.

About Us

We believe that everyone deserves the chance to enhance and empower their beauty.

This is why ClearSK strives to provide the best solutions for our customers in their pursuit of wellness, beauty, and confidence through our clinical experience as well as knowledge in dermatology.

We specialize in all aspects of skin health with a primary goal of protecting, restoring, and rejuvenating your skin with a range of treatments that deliver transformational results.

Our story







Dr Shiau Ee Leng

Chief Medical Advisor

Dr Shiau is an expert in the field of general medicine dermatology as well as aesthetics and has specialized in the field for well over 15 years. At ClearSK, Dr Shiau manages clinical and treatment protocols to achieve the highest standards of aesthetics and wellness services for our customers.

Mr Daniel Then

Chief Executive Officer

Mr Then is a well-rounded individual with 20 years of cross-functional experience at senior level in finance, strategic and manpower planning across private as well as public sectors. With his well-versed knowledge and expertise, Mr Then continues to lead and expand the operations of ClearSK with his team of doctors.

Leading Aesthetics

Dr Shiau Ee Leng
Dr Shiau Ee Leng
Chief Medical Director, MFM (Master Of Medicine) Singapore
Dr Chen Yiming
Dr Chen Yiming
Deputy Medical Director, MBBS (NUS Yong Yoo Lin School of Medicine) Singapore, GDFM (NUS), GDFPD (NUS)
Dr Jeanel Goh
Dr Jeanel Goh
Director, Senior Aesthetic Doctor, MBBS Singapore
Dr Priscilla Wang
Dr Priscilla Wang
Aesthetic Resident Doctor, Bachelor of Surgery Melbourne
Dr Wendy Wong
Dr Wendy Wong
Senior Aesthetic Resident Doctor, Doctor of Medicine (MD)
Dr Aaron
Dr Aaron
Aesthetic Resident Doctor, Doctor of Medicine (MD)
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